20–30 September 2018

13 Teeth

13 Teeth

Mike Futcher and Mark Gwynne Jones’s short film is a gothic thriller about a man who thinks the voices in his head are coming from his teeth. His quest to extract them (eek!) leads to a shocking revelation.

Based on Gwynne Jones’s narrative poem, the film mixes live action and animation to brilliantly unsettling effect. A rare exponent of dentistry noir, it asks the big question: what is behind consciousness?

In the accompanying documentary, The Making of 13 Teeth, Sheffield academics talk us through some of the film’s most striking images, including skeletons, nerves and teeth.

The film is unsuitable for young children.

Animator Mike Futcher makes short films and music videos. He likes to put CGI effects into real locations because ‘graphics can never match the infinite complexity of reality.’

Mark Gwynne Jones has published five collections of poetry. A regular on Radio 4’s Wondermentalist Cabaret, his live shows have won five fringe festival awards.

Dr Emma Bird is a neuroscientist with a particular interest in the psychology of pain.

Professor Fiona Boissonade is a dentist and professor of neuroscience. Her research is aimed at understanding the causes of chronic pain and developing new treatments.

Professor Tim Birkhead is professor of behavioural ecology and curator of the Alfred Denny Museum. His research focuses on populations of birds and their reproduction.