20–30 September 2018

National Food Service

Imagine a future with free eating spaces on every street. The Foodhall Project Sheffield examines this utopian vision. With a series of free talks and meals, Foodhall explores how new public services can be created.

When and where

Talks start at 6pm and go on until late.

Each talk is accompanied by a meal provided by Sheffield volunteers. There are opportunities for informal questions and answers after each talk.

Venue: Foodhall, 121 Eyre Street, Sheffield S10 4QW

Opening Ceremony

Saturday 22 September, 6pm–11pm
  • Mayor Magid Magid officially opens the series of talks
  • Bryce Evans – Associate Professor in History, Liverpool Hope University. Expert in wartime social eating spaces and national kitchens
  • Marsha Smith – founder of Souper Kitchen and researcher in Nottingham
  • Dan Woolley – Feedback Global
  • Louis Pohl – Foodhall Project

National Food Service Exhibition

Sunday 23 – Saturday 29 September, 11am–4pm
Exhibiting work on social eating and design, including:
  • Marsha Smith
  • Megan Blake
  • Kata Fodor
  • Kenneth Okafor
  • Nick Taylor Buck

Exploring Social Eating

Wednesday 26 September, 6pm–11pm
  • Robin Dunbar – Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford
  • Megan Blake  – University of Sheffield. Megan runs a masters degree on food justice

New Public Design

Thursday 27 September, 6pm–11pm
  • Foodhall Project
  • Richard White

Festivalaoke of the Mindaoke Karaoke

Friday 28 September, 8pm–12 midnight
  • Karaoke night

Developing a Regional Food Service

Saturday 29 September, 6pm–11pm
  • FareShare Yorkshire
  • FoodCycle
  • Gareth Roberts and Regather
  • Heeley City Farm
  • New Roots
  • Timebuilders
  • Isaac Tendler – Foodhall

About this event

By inviting leading thinkers and actors to share knowledge around the theme of the national food service, these talks create an open source, public educational repository for the social eating movement today and they are a valuable resource for the movement as a whole.

The National Food Service Symposium is the first of its kind. It is inspired by (among others):

  • Marsha Smith – in her efforts to create a regional food network
  • Adam Smith and the TRJFP Network – in the pursuit of a national waste food redistribution network
  • Feedback Global – in their intergovernmental activity and strategic waste reduction systems
  • FoodCycle – in their social space strategy
  • FairShare – in their digital strategies and numerous other innovative groups in the social eating and food reduction movement (too extensive to list here)

The country is undergoing a significant period of social innovation, with people addressing the problems of food waste, food poverty, social isolation and social exclusion. New  experts in this area have emerged from divergent fields. Each has individual knowledge and discoveries to contribute to the collective knowledge base.