20–30 September 2018

ADJOIN: Understanding Arthritis

ADJOIN: Understanding Arthritis – exhibition

Exhibition by Trish O’Shea that incorporates photography, text, drawing and 3D work.

ADJOIN engages you in her own personal experience of arthritis and surgery. It aims to increase awareness and understanding of the physical, emotional and psychological effects of the condition and help clinicians and patients develop better treatments.

The work is the result of a series of conversations with Professor Mark Wilkinson. Trish also worked with filmmaker and photographer Jackie Jones on aspects of the piece.

Artist and educator Trish O’Shea specialises in projects that enable people to express themselves through drawing, painting, photography and film. Trish has personal experience of osteoarthritis.

Professor Mark Wilkinson is an academic orthopaedic surgeon. Mark has a special interest in arthritis and believes that patients’ personal experience can be used alongside clinical data to enhance treatment.