Fairness on the 83 (previous project)

Fairness on the 83

Looking back: Fairness on the 83

The project was a collaboration between Opus Independents and Professor Alan Walker from the Department of Sociological Studies. The aim was to promote the findings of Sheffield Fairness Commission by focussing on the city’s 83 bus route, which takes in some of the wealthiest and most deprived areas of Sheffield, with life expectancy falling by 8.1 years for men and 9.4 years for women across its length.

The project engaged people who use the 83 bus in discussion about fairness and inequality in Sheffield and filmed 12 short interviews which were interspersed with key facts from the report. The films and a photographic exhibition were shown at Festival of the Mind 2014 in Castle House and in a stationary vintage bus parked on the high street.

“To me, fairness means I treat people with respect, give them time, be patient, be understanding” Interviewee

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