Futurecade – Memories in the Digital Age: Project, Project and Preserve

What will art look like in 2025? What is the future for galleries? Will technology change everything? We’ve invited a panel of artists and curators to answer your questions, and to talk about some of the groundbreaking work that’s already being done.

On the panel are:

  • Professor Vanessa Toulmin (Festival of the Mind Director)
  • Mark Atkin (Futurecade curator)
  • Karen Palmer (Futurecade artist)
  • Laura Sillars (Site Gallery)
  • Kirstie Hamilton (Museums Sheffield)

Futurecade: an exhibition of virtual reality and more

Futurecade: an exhibition of virtual reality and more

Futurecade is inspired by the many and varied visions of technological utopia that were a feature of 20th century World’s Fairs or Expos, in particular those held from 1939 to 1964.

From Futurama, Norman Bel Geddes forecast of the future in New York in 1939-40 to Atomium at the 1958 Brussels Expo – all combined the concept of technology as utopian progress and imagined the world of tomorrow.

Taking its name from the 1939 exhibit Futurama – our Futurecade combines two of the themes of the Festival of the Mind, virtual and utopia, and reimagines the synergy between art and technology.

From moving wallpaper and the structure of colour, shamanic fungus to immersion in virtual reality, the concept of how future technology will change, inspire, and ultimately be part of our everyday life, including the art on our walls, is presented here during the festival.

Placing these concepts in a futuristic arcade in the stunning glass and steel architecture of the Millennium Gallery we were inspired by Walter Benjamin’s concept of the flaneur or street walker.

As you journey through the future, we hope our prototype visions will shed light on the modern industrial and artistic world to come as we welcome you into the Futurecade. Professor Vanessa Toulmin Director, Festival of the Mind

Futurecade events at Festival of the Mind 2016

Download Futurecade brochure (PDF, 978KB)

Arts Council EnglandFuturecade is generously supported using public funding by Arts Council England.