20–30 September 2018


Gaiamycota – performance

Could fungus save the human race? Professor Duncan Cameron believes it could.

Duncan’s address to the World Climate Change Conference in Paris (2015) carried a stark warning: our planet is becoming infertile. But his message is optimistic.

This peformance explores whether fungus could be used to re-engineer the planet’s soil and save humanity.

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Arts Council EnglandThis exhibit is part of the Futurecade series of events.
Futurecade is generously supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Artist Anthony Bennett is renowned for his creative partnerships, notably his work with the National Fairground Archive and artist Yinka Shonibare . Currently, he is working with digital artist Augustinas Naslenas, Gaiamycota collaborator, on a series of artworks combining sculpture and photography.

Duncan Cameron was appointed Royal Society University Research Fellow and Professor of Plant and Soil Biology at Sheffield, following postdoc research at the University of Würzberg, Germany. As director of the p3 centre for translational agricultural technologies, his research looks at the relationships between symbiotic organisms and how they influence our lives.

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