17–27 September 2020

Smiley face


You’d be forgiven for thinking that happiness can’t be measured. But what if there was a digital display in the city centre, like a clock, that told you how happy Sheffield was at any given time? That’s right, we’ve made one.

Visit happysheffield.co.uk for more information on the project.

Don’t miss the talk in the Spiegeltent on Thursday 22 September from 5:30-6pm, where Dr Chris Blackmore and Dr Mark Stevenson present data on happiness levels in Sheffield measured during the festival.

Dr Chris Blackmore is a teacher and researcher in the University’s School of Health and Related Research. He’s interested in mental health, particularly the role of emotions in online learning, and how the internet affects our wellbeing.

Dr Mark Stevenson is a senior lecturer in computer science. He builds systems that help people access information from large collections of documents. Mark’s research has been funded by the EU, the Defence Science and Technology Lab, and Google.

Adam Poulston is a PhD student in Computer Science working on analysis of social media.

Charlie Barnes is project coordinator for Ignite Imaginations, an organisation that helps people develop their creativity.

Nick Bax is the founder of the creative agency Human, a visiting lecturer in design and visual communication, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.