#happysheffield (previous project)

Happy Sheffield

Looking back: #happysheffield

The #happysheffield project was a collaboration between Dr Chris Blackmore from the School of Health and Related Research, Dr Mark Stevenson from the Department of Computer Science, Human (design studio) and Ignite Imaginations (community arts organisation). The aim was to provide a visualisation of happiness levels in the city of Sheffield through the automatic analysis of social media data.

Live results of the Twitter analysis were displayed at the Futurecade exhibition in the Millennium Galleries from 17 to 25 September 2016, and were projected onto buildings throughout the city centre during Festival of the Mind 2016. The team also produced a dedicated website showing an analysis of the last 50 tweets from Sheffield, and allowed users to compare these with an analysis of their own Twitter activity. The website is still online and showing live results.

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