Hyperbolic Forest (previous project)

Hyperbolic forest crochet

Looking back: Hyperbolic Forest

The Hyperbolic Forest was a collaboration between Dr Madeleine Jotz-Lean and Professor Sarah Whitehouse from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, and artist Kerry Rose. The aim of the project was to explain the mathematics of hyperbolic surfaces through an engaging installation of non-euclidean knitting and crochet.

Together with the help of many volunteer knitters, Kerry Rose and Dr Jotz-Lean produced a tactile and atmospheric installation of knitted and crocheted pieces of the ‘forest’ that visualised the geometry of hyperbolic surfaces. The installation was exhibited at Bank Street Arts from 15 to 25 September 2016 for Festival of the Mind.

“The Hyperbolic forest is absolutely stunning. I loved it. So beautiful, clever, inspiring, thought provoking and creative.” Audience member