20–30 September 2018

Hyperbolic Forest

Hyperbolic Forest

This installation brings together pieces of knitting and crochet from all over the world. The Hyperbolic Forest is a tactile, atmospheric display that visualises the geometry of hyperbolic surfaces, a mathematical theory that changed the way we think about space.

A surface is hyperbolic when it looks like a saddle  — or in other words curves in two different directions — around each of its points.

Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access for this gallery.

Kerry Rose is an artist, crafter, designer, seamstress and pattern maker. Kerry has a keen interest in maths and geometry, and how they can be applied to arts and crafts.

Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow Dr Madeleine Jotz Lean is an expert in geometry and geometric mechanics. Madeleine took her PhD at EPFL, Switzerland. She came to Sheffield in 2013 after post-doctoral work at Goettingen (Germany) and UC Berkeley.

Animator and digital artist Mike Futcher makes short films, music videos and installations. He likes to put CGI effects into real locations because ‘graphics can never match the infinite complexity of reality.’

Rosie Shewell-Brockway is a third-year maths undergraduate who loves to knit and crochet. Rosie is delighted to discover her hobby can be used to express complex mathematical ideas!