20–30 September 2018

The Moor Market

Festival of the Mind at the Moor Market

Fun activities for kids and grown ups, including: storytelling, potion making and Scalextric racing with a difference. University staff will be on hand to talk about the research behind the entertainment. Other events showcase our groundbreaking work in neuroscience and fertility.

Saturday 17 September

Shedding Light on Light
When we talk about light, we usually think of just the visible light that we can see with our eyes. However, there is actually a huge amount of “invisible” light which operates in a different energy range – for example the microwaves which can be used to heat up food and x-rays which can detect broken bones.

Even the white light that we see all around us is made up of many colours, but we are unable to distinguish between all of these using just our eyes. We can see them using a special machine called a spectrometer (or a spectroscope). Spectrometers are used in many areas of research, but they are popular in astronomy; we can use a spectrometer to see the components of light being emitted from far away stars – this enables us to work out what the star is made of!

PhD student Amy Moores will show you how you can make your very own spectroscope using a piece of CD and a loo-roll tube! You can see with your own eyes all of the colours that light is made of – please remember not to look directly at the sun with the spectroscope!

Thermal Imaging
Ever wondered what a selfie would look like if you used a thermal camera? Dr Grant Wilson invites you to come along and try it. See your thermal image on screen and take a photo with your phone.

Potion Making with Grimm & Co.
Magical fun for kids aged 5-12, encouraging their storytelling skills. Make your own concoction from such ingredients as mermaid’s tears, frogspawn and dried bat. Tell us what it does. And take it home with you.

Materials in Motion
Play Scalextric with a twist. Physics and engineering PhD students have made the cars out of different materials to see which will perform best under pressure. Fun for all ages.

Saturday 24 September

The Science of Bones
Specialists from the University’s Medical School demonstrate the importance of a healthy skeleton. Using real bones (from animals), you’ll learn how everything fits together, and how it stays that way.

Your Amazing Brain
Staff and students from the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN) put your brain through its paces with activities to test your reflexes and your senses. See real animal brains under a microscope and learn awesome facts about how your brain works.

From Here to Maternity
Explore the wonders of reproduction at this informative, entertaining drop-in event. There are displays, quizzes, and activities for children. Experts from the University’s dedicated unit will be on hand to answer questions and demolish myths about everything from conception to delivery.

Materials in Motion: play Scalextric with a twist