20–30 September 2018

Butterfyl sketch; copyright Sarah Jane Palmer

The Mystery and Magic of the Heliconius Butterfly and the Peppered Moth – talk

The Heliconius butterfly and the Peppered moth seem like worlds apart, yet both share a similar evolutionary story. Artist Sarah Jane Palmer will take you through the journey of survival and mimicry, revealing the mysterious and unexpected changes in these two fascinating species.

You can see her exhibit: Mimicry, Magic and Iridescence: The Heliconius Butterfly

Sarah Jane Palmer

Sarah Jane Palmer is an artist with a passion for pattern, illusions and fantastical storytelling. From the historical Nottingham lace trade to the romance of the circus, her film, animations and designs for wallpaper and textiles draw from her fascination with archive images and visual trickery.

In 2016 Sarah created one of the first handcrafted animated wallpapers that combines tradition printing with modern technology. She combines both contemporary art practice with design for the luxury interiors market, and is attracting a growing international audience with her design brand Muriel. Sarah has experimented with designing and printing wallpapers and wall art since 2003. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally with private commissions for her handprinted wallpaper designs in London, Leipzig, New York and LA.

“It’s amazing how different patterns can be drawn upon. I often get immersed in how things look from one angle and then if you glance at them again they can look completely different, like the iridescence in a butterflies wing. My artworks explore the difference between a gaze and a glance.”