The Alfred Denny Museum (previous project)

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Looking back: The Alfred Denny Museum

In 2012 the Alfred Denny Museum collection was rejuvenated in preparation for the museum’s first opening to the public, which took place as part of Festival of the Mind 2012. The project was led by Professor Tim Birkhead with support from Dr Lynne Fox, University Heritage Officer, and a team of student volunteers led by postgraduate student Louise Heaton.

During Festival of the Mind 2012 the Alfred Denny Museum opened its doors for two weekends. The popularity of the museum exceeded all expectations and the tours ran at full capacity throughout the four days.

Due to its success at the festival, arrangements were made to open the museum up to the public on a regular basis. Public tours now run every month along with a number of other engagement and outreach activities that take place throughout the year.

The public’s enthusiasm for the museum has been inspirational. We’re thrilled to be able to open up the museum for everyone. We’re so pleased that the public are eager to learn more about the amazing world of nature and there’s no better place to start than here at the Alfred Denny Museum” Professor Tim Birkhead

The Alfred Denny Museum