20–30 September 2018

Form Follows Fabrication: Made in Sheffield by Sebastian Conran

Few cities understand the impact of technological change better than Sheffield. At the height of the industrial revolution, the city was a world-famous brand. Now we’re living through another period of rapid change, arguably more dramatic than the last. As technology ploughs ahead, we risk causing further damage to the environment, and, possibly, rendering ourselves obsolete.

Are we looking at technology from the wrong end of the telescope? Instead of forcing new technology on the world just because we can, maybe we should be thinking: ‘Do we actually need this?’

Designer Sebastian Conran brings his unique insight to bear on this controversial subject, in a talk that challenges our assumptions.

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Sebastian Conran is one of the world’s most sought-after product designers. His numerous accolades include the Chicago Museum of Architecture & Design Award 2016 and the German Design Council Award 2014. A former teacher at the Royal College of Art and visiting professor at St Martins, he is currently designer in residence for science and engineering at the University of Sheffield.