20–30 September 2018

The Sound of Science

An exhilarating audio-visual celebration of science.

Have you ever wondered what the universe (and you) are made of? Why do you stick to the ground instead of floating off into space? What exactly is light? And how are we eating it?

Aimed at a family audience, this concert explores our favourite scientific questions, and asks you to shout about science.

The Sound of Science features live electropop music, 3D visuals that leap from the screen, and colourful and explosive demonstrations of science.

Come and join Nate, Dunc, Mel and the rest of the Sound of Science team for an eclectic live show.


The performance is a free, ticketed event.

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Friday 28 September

  • 7pm – 8.30pm

Saturday 29 September

  • 11am – 12.30pm
  • 3pm – 4.30pm

The Sound of Science brings together international musicians Dean Honer and Kevin Pearce, creative agency Human, and research colleagues Mel Hannah, Professor Duncan Cameron and Dr Nate Adams to create a live and eclectic multimedia experience.