20–30 September 2018

Theatres of the Mind: Dissecting Brain Function

Theatres of the Mind: Dissecting Brain Function

Our Victorian-style horror theatre looks at how brains were studied in the past. There’s gruesome trepanning and gory dissections. You can even volunteer to have your own brain ‘dissected’ – in front of a live audience!

Over in the modern day surgical theatre, you can see how things are done now, and find out how 21st-century science can read your mind. There are science lectures, demos, games and dancing.

Arts Council EnglandThis exhibit is part of the Futurecade series of events.
Futurecade is generously supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Dr Aneurin Kennerley is a physicist and part-time mentalist with a PhD in brain imaging. Yes, he really can read your mind – ask him! Aneurin’s partner in theatrical enterprise is Dr Kendra Arkley, a research fellow in the Department of Psychology. Kendra specialises in behavioural neuroscience.

Artist Stuart Faulkner creates live visual arts to teach you about the sublime, surreal beauty of your brain. Nathan Geering, artistic director of Rationale hip hop theatre company has dedicated the last two years to researching the unlikely link between breakdance and visual impairment. He brings Theatres of the Mind to life with vibrant dance.

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