17–27 September 2020

Unhidden in Plain Sight; image copyright Jeremy Abrahams

Unhidden in Plain Sight

In the media

Article: Unhidden in Plain Sight – Exhibition challenges images of human trafficking

September 2018 event

This thought-provoking display of photographs reflects complex journeys into and out of modern slavery. The exhibition  addresses the problem of how anti-trafficking images often stereotype and re-victimise the people they are trying to support.

Opening times (Thursday 20 – Sunday 30 September)

  • Monday – Saturday: 8am – 8pm
  • Sunday: 8am – 6pm

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This project is a collaboration between photographer Jeremy Abrahams and Migration Research Group academics Hannah Lewis and Gwyneth Lonergan, working with anti-trafficking organisations Ashiana, City Hearts and Snowdrop.

Image: copyright Jeremy Abrahams