20–30 September 2018

Urban Biophilia – talk

Join Nigel Dunnett and Jo Peel for a discussion about the inspiration behind their temporary pop-up garden and art installation at Love Square.

This talk highlights the essential value of these spaces in combating social exclusion and climate change, and promoting human health and wellbeing, through creative, artful and ecologically informed interventions.

See also: Urban Biophilia

In this video Professor Nigel Dunnett shows us three projects around Sheffield that have improved the city:


Professor Nigel Dunnett, Department of Landscape, is an award-winning designer in his own right. His work with James Hitchmough on the Olympic meadows captured the world’s imagination. Nigel won a garden design gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2013.

Jo Peel is a fine artist who paints, draws and animates scenes of urban decay and construction.

With special thanks for all their support to Howell’s Solicitors.