20–30 September 2018

Turbine image - Chella Quint

Urban Turbines: A Really Big Fan!

With the help of turbine expert Ava Shahrokhi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, artist and comedian Chella Quint will lead the audience in discussing the pros and cons of wind turbine technology. There will be live demonstrations and a Q&A.

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Artist/maker Chella Quint has energy to spare. After leading a smaller-scale project for the Manchester Science Festival, she approached Energy2050, the University’s dedicated energy research network, with a proposal for Urban Turbines. Professor Lin Ma works on the SWIP project, an EU initiative to encourage smaller wind turbines in urban settings.

Dr Ava Shahrokhi is a research fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Ava is part of a major European project on the design, manufacture and installation of small and medium-sized wind turbines.

Image: Chella Quint