20–30 September 2018

Hope in the CIty projeciton

Co-producing Utopia: Hope in the City

What kind of city do the people of Sheffield want? What’s the future we’d like to see?

We’re asking people from all over the city to record their hopes and dreams – as mp3s, as drawings, as notes – and save them in our mobile Hope Bank over the duration of the festival.

All our utopian ideas will be on display. And you can add more at a public debate, with speakers including utopia expert David Bell. We’ll be talking about the idea of hope in different contexts and asking: where do we go from here?

A workshop at The Art House in Sheffield will also take place on the 17 September from 1.30–4.30pm to collect hopes and dreams for the city of Sheffield.

Public debate panel:

  • Chaired by Professor Kate Pahl
  • The role of the imagination in the future (Sarah Amsler)
  • Hope and utopian theory (David Bell)
  • Hope and Parson Cross (Paul Allender)
  • Faith and hope (Peter Bradley)
  • Recovery and hope (Mark Prest)
  • Hope and arts practice (Steve Pool)
  • Thomas More’s utopia (Cathy Shrank)
  • Portraits of British Muslims (Zahir Rafiq)

Professor Kate Pahl is leader of the ESRC-funded Imagine project, which imagines new communities and helps them come together. Researcher Dr David Bell also works on the project. He is writing a book called Rethinking Utopia: Place, Power, Affect.

Poly-Technic is a collaborative arts practice led by Kate Genever and Steve Pool. They work anywhere, as long it’s a challenge. Their first question is always: ‘What can art do here that’s worth doing?’