You’ve Got a Nerve! (previous project)

You’ve Got a Nerve! was an interactive installation

Looking back: You’ve Got a Nerve!

You’ve Got a Nerve! was an interactive installation showing how nerves respond to injury and how they recover. The installation used animation, UV lighting and 3D printing, and was a collaboration between Professor Fiona Boissonade in the School of Clinical Dentistry, artist Cassie Limb and animator Mike Futcher.

The aim of the project was to show current understanding of the processes involved in nerve regeneration in a way which would attract and wow visitors at Festival of the Mind. The exhibit aimed to be a very connective, inspiring and personal learning experience.

The exhibit was installed in Castle House as part of Festival of the Mind 2014. During the festival the Castle House exhibition space received more than 11,000  visitors.

“I was very surprised and pleased by the amount of public interest in this field. For some it was related to their personal medical problems, and for others (particularly the children) because they were really keen to learn about how the nervous system works” Professor Fiona Boissonade

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